Printed Womens Dress (Various)

Printed Womens Dress (Various)


Tshirt dress:£45.00, Vest Dress: £65.00 

T-shirt  or Vest Dress  iin various prints. Delivery can be from 2-7 days dependent upon manufacturers deadlines. Various Prints available. pictures shown are example sof how a print would look. Colour od Dress is black.


Material: Jersey

Fit: To give an example of fit: , if you are a size 10 and are looking for the figure hugging look, go a size down and get a 6-8. if you want a nice loose fit, go a size up 14-16. if you want not too loose or too tight go for a 10-12.


Should you want a print of your own, or the item in a particular colour other than what is stated, please contact us and we will endeavour to  tailor to your requirements.


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